Corrugated Dunnage

Pallet-sized, single pack, side-to-Side Void Filler

Single pack, pallet-sized, side-to-side Void Filler is a corrugated dunnage material that fills the void on each side of the singled unit. This will prevent the singles from moving side to side and getting damaged in transit. It assists in weight distribution by allowing you to move the load back from the nose of the trailer.

Dunnage Air Bags

Airbags are generally used to prevent lengthwise movement in a boxcar, intermodal, container, and over-the-road shipments.
When used properly they can offer the maximum protection needed to prevent major shifts during transit.
They can be utilized as a disposable or reusable product depending on your needs.

Drop Void, Void Filler

The Void Filler is designed to prevent side to side movement in shipping. Its collapsible design reduces the space needed to store while still giving you the strength needed in all modes of transit.

Corrugated Boxes, Mailing Boxes, Corrugated Sheets

If you can build it we can package it! Our design team would love to meet any of your carton design challenges, and come up with an innovative package to help cut costs, as well as maximize product protection.  We supply cartons with varied materials including corrugated, and chipboard. MDM Packaging specializes in plain boxes as well as printed and labeled boxes.

Bulkheads void filler

Bulkheads are a corrugated dunnage material that is designed to fill a wide range of voids. It can be used to reduce the size of a void down to the recommended size for placement of an airbag. The corrugated bulkhead filler can also be used to fill pallet under-hang - the instances where the product does not fill the pallet.