Custom Bags


You can create a customized design, or choose from stock or standard  flexible intermediate bulk containers. We also supply Food Grade, BOPP bags, sand bags, baler sheets, mesh bags, feed & seed bags, onion bags and potato bags. Circular and upanel construction. Also with a four panel design. Baffle bags  are available  for reducing  bulging of the bulk bag.

We have  Food Grade bags, UN Certified bags, meet Code 12H4, UN
Rated (Y), Tyvek Label, 4-Panel,adhered to the Berry Amendment and other   bag types for  about any application / any industry .
Beyond the custom sizes and types bags available  for your specific need, we also carry a number of standardized, affordable bags for many different applications, including:

• Feed and seed bags
• Onion bags
• Potato bags
• Sand bags
• And many more

Our bags  are 100% hygienic and traceable and top quality , made in an AIB audited  facility.   worry about quality, because your bags are made from the very best materials.