Baffle bags / Q Bags

baffle bag Q-bags

Baffle bags (fibc)
 are made with corner baffles to have a cubic form once the FIBC is filled. These bags are designed to allow baffle-bagsthe material to fill all corners of the bag. Our Unique design and shape, bags need much less storage space. It reduces significantly shipping costs.
Loading and unloading – top skirt + discharge spout and others.




Lifting Loops FIBC / BigBags

Cross-Corner Loops FIBC / BigBags Side-Seam Loops FIBC / BigBags Sleeve Lift FIBC / BigBags Hood Lift FIBC / BigBags
Cross-Corner-Loops-fibc Side-Seam-Loops-fibc Sleeve-Lift-fibc Hood-Lift-fibc
Ancillary Loops Double Stevedore Straps Single Stevedore Strap
Ancillary-Loops-fibc Double-Stevedore-Straps-fibc Single-Stevedore-Strap-fibc

Filling & Closure

Open Top with Hem FIBC / BigBags Tie-Down Flap FIBC / BigBags Duffel Top FIBC / BigBags Open Top & Tightening Holes FIBC / BigBags
Open Top & Tightening Holes fibc Tie-Down Flap fibc Duffel Top fibc Open Top & Tightening Holes fibc
Open Top with Draw Cord FIBC / BigBags Filling Spout FIBC / BigBags
Open Top with Draw Cord fibc Filling Spout fibc


Discharge Spout FIBC / BigBags Discharge Spout with
Iris Protection FIBC / BigBags
Discharge Spout with
Petal Closure FIBC / BigBags
Discharge Spout with
Sewn Cover FIBC / BigBags
Discharge Spout fibc Discharge Spout with Iris Protection fibc Discharge Spout with Petal Closure fibc Discharge Spout with Sewn Cover fibc
Discharge Spout with
Protection Flap FIBC / BigBags
Full Drop Bottom FIBC / BigBags Quick Discharge/ Conical base FIBC / BigBags
Discharge Spout with Protection Flap fibc Full Drop Bottom fibc Quick Discharge: Conical base fibc