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Corrugated Boxes, Mailing Boxes, Corrugated Sheets

If you can build it we can package it! Our design team would love to meet any of your carton design challenges, and come up with an innovative package to help cut costs, as well as maximize product protection.  We supply cartons with varied materials including corrugated, and chipboard. MDM Packaging specializes in plain boxes as well as printed and labeled boxes.


Corrugated Boxes, Mailing Boxes, Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Cartons
Corrugated boxes are the way to go when it comes to all of your shipping and storage needs. We carry a variety of boxes, from various colors to sizes to weights, and on our site you can search all of the styles by the size of box you need to make sure you won’t have to compromise. With so many to choose from, gone are the days of buying oversized boxes and trying to compensate with additional packaging material. Now you can buy the correct size box for shipping or storage and rest assured that your possessions will be nestled safely.

Easy Mailing

With our seemingly endless selection of mailing boxes you’re practically guaranteed to find the perfect box for your shipment. All of our boxes fold together easily, so shipping is as quick as packing and posting. You can also find affordable packing materials on our site, so you can make sure to not only adequately pad your shipment, but securely close it.
Corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping because in their construction they’re made to contain cushioning. The flutes between the cardboard sheets support your package during transit and are sturdy enough not to give way or damage the contents. It’s resistant to compression, piercings, and the general wear and tear involved in shipping, so you can feel confident your package will reach its destination undamaged.
Sturdy Storage
For the reasons corrugated boxes are good for shipping, they are also good for storage. The cushioning supports boxes and their contents for extended periods of time, and by packing them in with our packaging materials, you can also account for any shifting. The cardboard material means that you can write the contents of the box on the outside to easily find what you’re looking for. No more searching through boxes for that one book or small trinket. And just because some of our boxes are labeled as a mailing boxes doesn’t mean you can’t use them for storage. Their abundance of sizes make for great smaller storage options with all the same benefits as a normally labeled carton.
Continued Use
After initially using our corrugated boxes for storage or mailing boxes for shipping, you can recycle them for further use. The strong material means that they will withstand many repurposes. Break them down to use for floor padding during a home improvement or craft project. If you’re feeling sustainable, there are even ways to turn these boxes into furniture with a little skill. Try your hand at it and take a seat, because our reliable boxes will support you and all your needs.


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