Dunnage Air Bags


Airbags are generally used to prevent lengthwise movement in a boxcar, intermodal, container, and over-the-road shipments.
When used properly they can offer the maximum protection needed to prevent major shifts during transit.
They can be utilized as a disposable or reusable product depending on your needs.


Improper-Airbag-UseImproper Airbag Use

Airbags are designed to go in a void of 12 inches or less. Other void filling methods must be used to reduce the size of a larger void. When an airbag is used in too large of a void it will usually burst or move.


Void-FillerVoid Filler

Airbags are often used to prevent side-to-side movement. Airbags are really designed to prevent lengthwise movement. Other types of materials such as Void Filler, SaddlePak, or Side Filler should be used to prevent side-to-side movement.


Proper Airbag applicationProper Airbag application

Airbags should always be used in a void of 12 inches or less. Other materials such as the Bulkhead or BakPak may be used to reduce a void down to the proper size. Using more than one Airbag to reduce large voids can create failures and is not an approved blocking and bracing method. An airbag should also never be folded to fill a large void.